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Corporate Responsibility at BBC Worldwide

As a fast-growing international media and entertainment company, we try to be very aware of the impact our businesses may have in our local communities and the wider world. With success comes responsibility and we are committed to using our influence for the greater good.

BBC Worldwide is wholly owned by the British Broadcasting Corporation, which - as the UK's main public service broadcaster - works to fulfil six Public Purposes.

BBC Worldwide helps the BBC to deliver two of these Purposes in particular:

  • bringing the UK to the world and the world to the UK
  • stimulating creativity and cultural excellence

We also provide products and services which help audiences to engage with their favourite programmes and brands beyond the TV or radio broadcast.

Our values as a company are the same as those of the BBC's and frame our approach to commercial activity. At our core, we exist to return money to the BBC to help keep the licence fee as low as possible. But although we work hard to drive our financial returns we always do this within the context of those values and purposes.

Through our Worldwide Aware programme we have focused our Corporate Responsibility activity in five key areas:

We aim to make a difference wherever our business has an impact on society. Our aim is to strive for the highest standards in everything we do and we have committed to take meaningful action to make improvements wherever necessary.

We realise we are at the start of a journey and are excited at the possibilities that lie ahead as our business grows and has more opportunity to inspire and deliver positive change within our business and in the wider world.

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