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The Board

Our Board is made up of Executive and Non-executive Directors, details for each of which can be found below.

Click here for the formal roles and responsibilities of the Chairman and Chief Executive.


Tony Hall 100 Anne Bulford

Tony Hall

Anne Bulford


Executive Directors

Company Secretary

Tim Davie Andrew Bott Jane Earl

Tim Davie
CEO, BBC Worldwide and Director, Global

Andrew Bott
Interim Chief Financial Officer

Jane Earl
Company Secretary

How the Board operates

An explanation of how the Board operates is contained within the Corporate Governance Report of the Annual Review. The terms of reference for the Worldwide Executive Committee can be found here.


Worldwide Executive Committee

In addition to the Executive Directors and the Company Secretary the following Senior Managers sit on the Worldwide Executive Committee (WEX), the terms of reference for which can be found here.

Marcus Arthur 100 Paul Dempsey 100 Charlotte Elston 100 Martyn Freeman 100

Marcus Arthur

Paul Dempsey
President Global Markets

Charlotte Elston
Director of Communications

Martyn Freeman
General Counsel

Kirsten Furber 100 Daniel Heaf 100 Amanda Hill Helen Jackson 100

Kirstin Furber
People Director

Daniel Heaf
Chief Digital Officer

Amanda Hill
Chief Brands Officer

Helen Jackson
Chief Content Officer

David Moody Herb Scannell David Gibbons

David Moody
Director of Strategy

Herb Scannell
President North America

David Gibbons
Director of Operations